All boats must pass a lake performance test before we say the job is complete!

There are many reasons repowering may be a great option for you.  Some of these include:

  • A repower will help extend the life of your boat and gives you a boost on the water.
  • Repowering helps make sure your boat is reliable and safe.
  • Repowering is an affordable alternative to buying a new boat and is especially great if you love your hull but need a power boost.
  • Your Suzuki Outboard Engine comes with the best experience, customer support and value in the industry.
  • All of our repowers are done with the same high level of quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The Repower Process:

Here at McNeill Marine, each boat goes through the same step by step process to ensure excellence for your boat’s repower.

  1. When your boat arrives, we go over all the details with you and ensure that all of the rigging will be placed to your comfort level.
  2. We give your boat a bow to stern check up to ensure everything is shipshape- letting you know if anything needs to be addressed before proceeding with your repower.
  3. The old rigging and engine is removed and we install the engine(s) and rigging components.
  4. After we’ve completed the install, we will test run the engine(s) in the shop and perform a lake performance test of your boat.
  5. During our lake performance test, we verify everything is up to manufacturer specifications so that you can have full confidence your boat is ready to keep you going on the water.
Suzuki Motors show Repower results
Combining Suzuki warranty repairs and Repowering with Fiberglass repair & restorations in one facility minimizes repair time!